Signals is a communications and design firm known for bringing clarity to complex issues.

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In the house built by humanity over thousands of years, we too add one gold nail.
Nikos Kazantzakis, The Rock Garden

For over 30 years, our practice has centred on earning the trust of our clients, developing transformative ideas and delivering exceptional design.

Businesses and institutions around the world now look to Signals to communicate their most challenging issues.

Our communication design process, honed over several decades, unites strong relationships, a willingness to tackle complex challenges, and a commitment to excellence. We continue to see each project as an opportunity to think critically and creatively and to merge analysis and artistry. And as always, we measure our success by the impact and meaningful change we help facilitate for our clients.

As we begin our next 30 years, I take great pride in our past accomplishments and the values that have served us so well.
But more importantly, I see a group of young, smart, motivated and very talented individuals who’s achievements will no doubt surpass anything that’s come before.

Signals founder Kosta Tsetsekas