The 12 Days of Christmas Sale


The holiday season is here and this year everyone is looking for a little extra holiday cheer. What a perfect time to bring out the “The 12 days of Christmas Sale,” to help showcase your products in a festive spirit.

People are looking for gift ideas for their loved ones, relatives, friends, coworkers and others. Why not help them out by taking the “think” out of what to get? Build a daily promotion, where you suggest a new gift idea for someone in their life.

Not sure how to get started, well Signals is here to help!

  1. Build yourself a calendar of items that you will be featuring, one product for each day.Make sure you list the following:
    1. a one-day sale offer, for example, a price reduction, a free gift with purchase, or a gift card with purchase.
    2. information on who this present would be great for,
    3. and why it makes the perfect gift.

This way, you will have all your information ready to post every day.

  1. Collect photos that you can use to best illustrate the product, in a setting that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.
  1. Make sure you have a landing page specific to each product you’re promoting. (Fun tip, this will help with your SEO strategy too).
  1. Build a coupon code, this will allow you to track how many purchases were made during the sale.
  1. Use your social media accounts, e-newsletter and website to let your followers know that “The 12 Days of Christmas Sale” is coming.
  1. Each day promote a “One Day Sale” for the item, with its coupon code.
      1. Post on your social media accounts
      2. Share through your e-newsletter
      3. Feature on the homepage of your website
      4. Make sure to link all 3 to the product landing page for easy purchasing.
      5. If possible, provide an upselling opportunity by adding products that would work with the ‘item of the day”.
  1. For an added bonus, create a contest for followers on social media. Have them like the photo and share it. Each share will enter them into a contest for 1 of the ,“The 12 Days of Christmas Sale” items.
  1. Remind your visitors to sign up to your e-newsletter to be in the know of, upcoming promotions, information of new products, and other relevant information.

It may seem like a lot of work, but if you use a few simple tools and with proper planning, you can create an effective sale that will be fun for you and for your customers this holiday season.

If you have something to to add, or would like help with your “The 12 days of Christmas Sale,” give us a shout at