2014 Was a Memorable Year of Change


With a view to continuously improve,  the team at Signals celebrated our 30th anniversary with a whole year of change. We finally launched our new website (which seemed to be perpetually taking a back seat to client work), we expanded our staff and moved our studio to a new building at 143 West 3rd Ave — a block from Olympic Village.

Throughout 2014, we also changed our approach to digital development. We identified that our most successful digital projects and campaigns were ones started with a concept that continued to evolve as assets were gathered, writing was completed and testing was undertaken. By remaining fluid and nimble throughout the process — iterating as need be — we landed at the end of an engagement with a product that best met the needs of our clients.

We have also been challenged this past year by our clients who look to Signals to help them to not only offer creative strategy, but business strategy as well. Particularly in our specialty areas of real estate and health care, our clients have come to understand that our knowledge of their field is deep enough to involve us very early in the process. Before a project has actually been defined, we have helped to determine an overall business approach and then shape our engagement into something that can deliver on these business objectives, both online and offline.

And finally, we have changed from a national firm to a fledgling international firm by adding clients in New York, Honolulu, London and Geneva — all of whom look to Signals to provide unique services based on our sectoral expertise.

So, while many things have changed for us, some things have stayed the same. Namely, our passion for making communities healthier as demonstrated by our work in mental health, international human rights, harm reduction, health research and philanthropy.

While 2014 was a transformational year for us, we fully expect to make as many changes in 2015 (except for moving!) as we grow, improve our processes and systems, and also create maximum value for our clients.

In 2015 we will continue our transition to becoming a digital-first studio, while still helping our clients with integrated campaigns that connect the offline world to the online world. We look forward to working with new and existing clients and taking on challenging new projects throughout the year to come.